Getting More Online Reviews

We've all heard the phrase; "Leave us a review for chance to win a $100 gift card!", but rarely does this process engage customers to leave reviews even if they had an amazing experience or service. As an employee or owner, asking a custom for reviews can also be an awkward process and you can't guarantee they will put their review online, even if they agreed. 

Except, over 90% of consistent online consumers use reviews to validate their decision making when purchasing! But isn't it frustrating that they won't leave a review so other customers will choose you over your  competitors! 

But Why? 

Why Customers don't leave Reviews

The three largest consumer factors as to why customers do not leave reviews after a positive interaction or purchase are; Nobody Asked for my Review, I forgot to leave the business a review Or, the process to leave a review wasn't simple and I had too much going on that day! 

Small and Local Businesses do not have the capabilities to hire a team member specifically for managing online reputation and collecting reviews, because we are so busy running the day-to-day operations of a business. But that's where DigitAll Solutions comes in! 

We make it easy for you as a business owner to collect more reviews from your happy customers base, using their preferred platform of communication, so you never miss an opportunity. 

How does DigitAll make it Easier for my customers to leave a review?

Our Getting Review Process & How it Works

DigitAll Utilizes a Reputation Platform, where we set up your business and give you your own login credentials to make getting reviews easy. The platform makes it easy for you send out review requests to your customer base, using their provided preferences, to reach them on the platform of their choosing. 

You can select the preferences for your request like, day and time to send out notification, the wording of the text from the communication, the platforms in which you can leave a review and even the visual design and style of the request! 

But what if I send my customer a request but they don't leave a review? 

No fret! With our software, you can allow for a follow-up sequence of messages so you can easily follow-up with your customers who haven't left you a review with typing the message everyday! 

This process will reduce the friction for a customer when leaving a review because of how quick and easy they can interact and leave a review. 

Check out one of the companies that utilized our Online Reputation Management Services to get more reviews for their business!

Bulldog Contractors Inc. is a Pole Building Company located in Spokane Valley, WA who was in need of digital marketing services including reputation. DigitAll has been working with Bulldog Contractors for over 6 years and in that time, has grown their reputation 300%! 

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Our Reputation Management Services don't just apply to the Pole Building industry. We supply businesses with Reputation Management Services in various niches including but not limited to; Plumbers, Car and Motorsport Dealerships, Crating and Shipping, Industrial Machinery, Rug Sales and Rug Servicing, Estate Planning Services, Optometry, Dog Training Boarding and Breeding and much more! 

Check out another one of our clients that we supply Reputation Management Services below!

Nick Lungi the owner of K9 Country Club, was in need of Marketing Services to grow his dog training and breeding businesses further. K9 Country Club already had a good following but the review average wasn't where Nick and management wanted. He knew his online presence didn't correctly reflect the level of service that his business provides and wanted to grow his influence to reflect the positive sentiment from customers. After working with us for just a few months, Nick's business rating went from below a 3.8 to above a 4.2! And he utilizes our Reputation Management services to get more reviews to increase his rating! 

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